Text Message Database Building Methods

Located below are 3 ways that we will work with you to build your clients' mobile phone number database.

No. 1:  If you have phone numbers of your clients, you can provide them to us in the form located below.  Those phone numbers, of course, will be held in the strictest confidence.  When you provide us those phone numbers, we will upload them into our text message system so they'll be ready to receive your text messages.  This is the FASTEST way to build your database.  In fact, using this this method, you could be having us send text messages to your clients within just a few days!  If a client ever decides they don't want to receive text messages, they will have the ability to 'opt out' at any time.  Also, be sure you and your employees provide their phone numbers so you receive the same text messages that your clients receive.

No. 2:  We will provide you a handout (4 per page) that you can print and give to your clients.  We will change the wording on the handout to what you'd like it to say.  You can view a sample of it in the 'DOWNLOADS' section located below.  

No. 3:  We will provide you a 30-second (approximate) video that you can post on your Facebook page that encourages your clients to sign up for your 'VIP Text Club'.  CLICK HERE to watch the 37-second sample video.  The reason we provide you with a video instead of just having you make a post on your Facebook business page is that due to Facebook's new algorithms, a video is 27 times more likely to be seen than a post with just words/photos.  We will, of course, create the video to meet your approval.

Use the form located below to provide us the phone numbers of your clients.

Please place each phone number on a separate line, in the following format:




If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

Telephone Number Submittal Form


Handout Sample (pdf)


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